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One monthly membership fee of $110 for unlimited training. To watch or participate in a free introductory class, or for any enquiries, please email or call us. You can also try our 2 week trial offer for just $20 – Counts towards your first months training fees!

No joining fees, no annual fees.

Japanese calligraphy, brush, ink

Classes in Melbourne


7 - 8.30pm

Adult class


7 - 8.30pm

Adult class



Adult class

11.45 - 1pm

Advanced class

9 - 9.45am

Children class

Aikido can be enjoyed by students of any age. We are proud of our diverse range of students, with varied backgrounds and orientations.

Thao Nguyen and Kim Davies practice traditional Aikido at Kihon Aikido Melbourne, in Cliffton Hill Victoria


On the surface, Aikido is a martial art concerned solely with self defence. Students learn immobilisation techniques and throwing techniques to a wide variety of attacks, from the front or from behind, with or without weapons, by one or many attackers. Weapons training necessarily partners the open handed training and involves the Aiki sword and staff. At its deeper levels, Aikido is an holistic approach to physical, mental and spiritual development. The self defence techniques, when studied correctly, provide growth for the body, mind and soul.

Children  practice traditional Aikido at Kihon Aikido Melbourne, in Cliffton Hill Victoria


Aikido classes for children are intended to be fun physical exercises using Aikido principles, mixed with age appropriate disciplined practice of self defence techniques. The grading system we use for children provides them with regular rewards for small achievements, plus new coloured belts for more substantial accomplishments.

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