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Our dojo

Our dojo has been training beginners to black belts for over 20 years. We teach only the complete Aikido curriculum, with a short lineage direct from the founder. Maintaining safety at all times, we offer a methodical and personalised approach to learning.

Kihon Aikido Melbourne, Victoria shomen
Michael Farrugia 5th dan Aikikai, martial arts aikido, Melbourne, Victoria

Michael Farrugia

6th dan Aikikai

Michael attended his first Aikido class as a beginner in 1993 at the age of 18. He began teaching six years later and opened Kihon Aikido in 2003. Having been involved in the assessment of well over 100 students to black belt and beyond, Michael is passionate about the technical and personal development that comes from studying the basic and more complex components of Aikido.

"To be successful in Aikido, you must not compete with your partner. This leads to the overuse of strength to complete each movement, rather than technique. Training should focus on using correct form and technique to overcome the strength of your partner. By aligning our energy correctly, we learn better ways to deal with conflicting forces, both on the mat and in our daily lives."

Our Instructors

Code of Conduct

We promise to conduct ourselves in a highly professional manner and provide you complete training in every aspect of Aikido, including improvement in your awareness and confidence, the development of your power, harmony and ki, your spirit energy, all whilst teaching you effective self defence techniques against one or many attackers, from the front or from the rear, with or without weapons.

We promise to be open to your individual learning needs and personalise your training. This is one of the ways we ensure your success. Keep in mind that we want you to accomplish your goals, as your achievements add to our success as a school.

Since Aikido is a dangerous activity, safety is our number one concern. Any student not taking care with training partners during practice will be expelled. Disobedience and misbehaviour will not be tolerated. Pay your seniors their due respect.

Personal hygiene is also very important. No one wants to train with dirty, smelly or sweaty partners. Uniforms must be cleaned regularly and ironed before training. Carry a sweat towel while training. Keep long hair tied back and toe and finger nails cut very short. Remove all jewellery.

Arrive to class before the scheduled start time to get changed into uniform and assist with the routine dojo jobs. Students should be kneeling in seiza by the time class begins. The dojo may be available before and after class for free training. Regardless of supervision, always train safely.

When entering or exiting the dojo, bow to the shomen. When moving around the dojo, gain an awareness of the activities occurring around you. Walk around the outside to avoid activity on the inside. When throwing your partner, be aware of others around you and always throw to the outside.

Don’t show other people Aikido techniques in a social setting and avoid being pushed into a challenge. Instead, invite others to come to the dojo to watch a class or participate in a workshop. Seeing other students socially is a natural result of training closely within the group, but always behave appropriately, without taking advantage of younger or more junior students.

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