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 Kim Davies and Michael Farrugia Sensei practice traditional Aikido at Kihon Aikido Melbourne, in Cliffton Hill Victoria

Aikido uses anatomy and simple physics to produce its many techniques which include fluid self defence principles and powerful shapes. It may be practised primarily for the self defence component, as the techniques are effective and practical in modern times, or to study body movement in its purest form. Aikido may alternatively be studied to investigate the influences of culture and philosophy on martial arts and vice versa, that is, the effects of martial arts training on one’s own spirit.


Most of the classes we teach are geared toward adult learners and mature minded teenagers. Aikido helps students to develop a stronger, more flexible, balanced and coordinated body. It offers an alternative to the often more aggressive and competitive styles of martial arts.


To start learning, you simply need to give us a call. You’re very welcome to ask any questions you like and to attend a free introductory class to see if Aikido training suits you.

Aikido for Adults 

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