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Celebrating 1000 classes

celebrating 1000 aikido classes with Michael Farrugia Sensei at Kihon Aikido in Melbourne in December 2022
1000 Aikido classes with Michael Farrugia Sensei

Kihon Aikido celebrated a significant milestone of Michael Sensei teaching the 1000th Aikido class. Since opening his school in 2002, Sensei is known for his passion for teaching Aikido with technical precision and attention to detail. The celebration included Aikido training and lunch at a local pub with beer, cake, balloons, and plenty of fun. Despite the challenges posed by the harsh lockdown in Melbourne, Michael Sensei's perseverance and commitment have enabled him to reach this impressive milestone. The Kihon Aikido community is incredibly proud of Michael Sensei for this accomplishment and his dedication to the art of Aikido.

writer: Natalia, shodan at Kihon Aikido

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