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Frequently Asked Questions



“What’s so special about your school?”

Aikido is different to most martial arts in that it has a philosophy of non-competition and non-aggression, which probably sounds unusual to most martial artists. Training under this philosophy helps ensure a high level of safety and requires a high level of precision.

Learning at Kihon Aikido is personalised and methodical, so you can be sure you’ll receive excellent tuition, at a pace you’ll feel comfortable, to allow you the greatest progress. Your individual success as a student adds to the success and growth of the school.

The head instructor, Michael Farrugia Sensei, is supported by a number of 1st and 2nd degree black belts. All are passionate about Aikido and share a vision of growth through personal development within themselves and in others.


“How often should I train?”

You can train as little or as often as you like, but we recommend you train an average of twice per week when you first begin. This will ensure you will improve and be adequately prepared for gradings. As you progress, attend seminars and train more often.


“Do I need to be fit?”

Most people who begin training with us have never done any martial arts before. No experience is required nor is it necessary to have a particular level of strength, flexibility or fitness. If you are looking to get stronger, more flexible or to improve your fitness, we believe it’s our job to help.

Training at Kihon Aikido is holistic for the body, mind and spirit. You’ll find improvement in every area of physical health your body requires. In fact, many people have enjoyed further recovery to injuries sustained prior to Aikido through our training methods.


“Are there other questions I should be asking?”

First, be clear about your own values. What are you looking for through martial arts training? Then look for a school that provides the things you’re looking for and shares your values. Hopefully, you value your safety and the safety of everyone you’ll be training with, and with a bit of luck, you place emphasis on steady improvement and personal development.


“So how do I join?”

Our contact details are at the top and bottom of this page. Simply telephone us to ask any questions you may have or to arrange an introduction. We’re a friendly group of people and we’ll make you feel welcome, so please don’t be shy.




It’s easy to see that Aikido is an effective martial art

and a system for better physical health. I also believe

that through the correct practice of Aikido technique,

it offers an alternative to our modern competitive

approach to life, business and relationships.


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Michael Farrugia Sensei

5th dan Aikido - Aikikai Japan


0414 646 385