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Aikido for Children and Families



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Aikido classes for children are intended to be fun physical exercises using Aikido principles, mixed with age appropriate disciplined practice of self defence techniques. The grading system we use for children provides them with regular rewards for small achievements, plus new coloured belts for more substantial accomplishments.


As Aikido is exercise for the whole body, it promotes balance and coordination, flexibility and strength. It teaches focus as problem solving is sometimes required and discipline through regular instruction.


Some parents watch their children train, while others prefer to train along with their children. Aikido can be a great way to spend more family time together, and to extend your childrenís knowledge and skill.


To enrol your child, you simply need to give us a call. Youíre very welcome to ask any questions you like and to attend a free introductory class to see if Aikido training suits you.



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ďItís easy to see that Aikido is an effective martial art

and a system for better physical health. I also believe

that through the correct practice of Aikido technique,

it offers an alternative to our modern competitive

approach to life, business and relationships.Ē


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Michael Farrugia Sensei

5th dan Aikido - Aikikai Japan


0414 646 385